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Est. 1995

The Hong Kong Music Therapy Association is a non-profit making organization thrives to become the primary organization that represents the interests of all music therapists in Hong Kong. It has been established since 1995 and the founding members were Mr. Pang Ka Wa, Paul, Ms. Piera Lee and Ms. Alice Kong. The Association has officially registered as a company limited by guranttee on the 13th October 2017.

our mission

The Association shall strive to promote, improve and advance the use of music therapy as a unique and effective treatment modality in clinical, educational and rehabilitation settings for the betterment of the public health and welfare in Hong Kong. The HKMTA is the primary organizational agency for music therapy professionals.  It seeks continually to improve an organization structure for the self-governance of the members in order to uphold the best professional service for the public.


The Association is registered only as "The Hong Kong Music Therapy Association" under the Societies Office of the Hong Kong Police Force.


HKMTA does not have any affiliate organizations that share similar names.  

Current Office until December 2024

Committee member

Chairman: Ms.  Carol Cheung

Secretary: Ms. Phyllis Tam

Treasurer: Ms. Wong Wing Sang

Sub-committee member


Registration: Ms. Yuen Ting Ting

Ethics: Ms. Michelle Tsang

Technical: Ms. Christine Chow

Continuous Professional development:  Mr. Hugo Wong

Accredited Registers Scheme for Health Care Profession: Lansley Lee

Networking: Corwin Tang

Current Office  

Organisational Chart



The following are eligible to be a member:

1.     An accredited music therapist who has undertaken an approved course or equivalent; and

2.     who has registered with an approved music therapy professional body; and

3.     the registration is in force; and


4.     who comply with the requirements for continuing professional development; and who are working or not working in music therapy.


  • New applications are accepted three times per year.  The deadlines of application are March 15, August 15 and December 31. (updated 2023 Sept) 

  • Please email if you would like to become a member of HKMTA

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