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  • Does HKMTA provide supervisions for members?
    HKMTA does not provide direct service nor supervision to students, but you can contact our members directly to see if they welcome student supervision / observation. Please go to, click "Find a therapist", and search for contact details of our individual members.
  • Information on local and overseas training.
    Please go to "HKMTA resources", You will be able to see a list of overseas music therapy association. Please go to their respective website to look for most updated training information. University of Melbourne has just launched the first academic program in Hong Kong which qualify people as music therapists. You may want to contact the academic institution concerned directly for details.
  • I am interested to hire a music therapist to provide service, where can I find a qualified therapist?
    The Hong Kong Music Therapy Association is a non-profit making and impartial association to date. Therefore, we do not provide direct referral, services, nor quotation. With regard to your enquiry, please go to "Find a therapist". for the contact details of our individual members, as well as their relevant qualifications. You can contact these members directly for a quotation.
  • What is professional indemnity insurance?
    Professional indemnity insurance cover legal costs for practitioners if they make a mistake for which they are being sued or investigated or both.
  • Do members need to buy professional indemnity insurance?
    HKMTA’s members are registered in the music therapy association in different countries, including United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada. In order to renew the registered membership, therapists from United Kingdom have to purchase the professional indemnity insurance. HKMTA recommends members to purchase the insurance while members can make their decisions. You may access “Find a therapist” page for the contact details of our individual members and enquire if needed.
  • How to purchase the professional indemnity insurance through HKMTA?
    In order to let members who are graduated from different countries with different time slots to buy the insurance, HKMTA processes applications in March and September each year. In normal circumstances, the insurance certificate will be effective two months after application. It will be distributed electronically to members’ emails. Applications submitted in March will be insured for a 6-month period starting from May 1 to Oct 31 and members are recommended to renew in September. Applications submitted in September will be insured for a 12-month period starting from Nov 1 to Oct 31 next year.
  • I am interested to become a member! I would like to know how to apply?
    HKMTA has 3 batches of application per year. Below are the deadline for each batch. Please contact our registration team : should you wish to join HKMTA! Please have your transcripts and oversea registration document ready. 1st Batch: 15 March 2nd Batch: 15 August 3rd Batch: 31 December
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